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Help Keep the Dream Alive

Italian Community Services receives no funding from the government or other agencies.

This allows us the ability to identify the needs of our clients and act quickly in the way we think best. At the same time, this means that we are entirely dependent upon the direct participation and contributions of many good people.

Your tax deductible contributions are what fuel our services and enable us to touch many lives.
We look forward to your donation and thank you for your help in carrying our programs.

Send your tax deductible donations to:
Italian Community Services
678 Green Street
San Francisco CA 94133


Tackling Isolation for Our Vulnerable Community Members

As the pandemic hit and San Francisco implemented the first shelter in place order, our instinct was to focus on our seniors. Isolation, as we know, is one of the deadliest products of this pandemic. In record time a system was put in place where callers (staff and volunteers) religiously contacted over 200 families each week. Some calls were short, others lasted hours. Lending a listening ear was vital to each community member, and we quickly realized we can do more.

I look forward to their calls and package deliveries. I’m so scared to be outside and this is the only human contact I have. These volunteers are angels.
– An Isolated Senior Supported By ICS

As we continue moving forward in 2021, we hope to find a new normal, and with the vaccine, we hope to safely see each other in person again soon at Club Fugazi. Until then, we are working to provide our seniors with a senior-friendly video communication device to be able to share in each other’s joy again soon and see the bright smiles they bring despite the circumstances. We want to equip those that are most isolated with senior-friendly devices that will provide them with the ability to virtually see their family and friends on a daily basis. We know that even with the vaccine rollout most seniors will maintain a recluse lifestyle. This will help bridge the need and desire to have human contact, and when we’ve shared our intentions with some of our most isolated seniors, they were overjoyed and cannot wait for us to roll out the devices.

Please consider donating to the initiative. Anything truly does help. 🇮🇹

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If donating by check please submit your U.S. mail address and contact information along with your donation.

Please make your check payable to:

Italian Community Services
678 Green Street Ste. 3
San Francisco, CA 94133