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il Ponte della Luce
A caring exchange creates a ray of light in the bridge between people; volunteers inspire those exchanges, thus helping to illuminate the bridge of light - Il Ponte della Luce.

Il Ponte della Luce is the sharing of songs, conversations, reminiscences, and talents that link Italians through their oral tradition. You can share in these uplifting moments and help strengthen the bridge. Il Ponte della Luce volunteers are people of all ages, and from all walks of life, who are interested in using their skills as part of the Italian community primarily working with, and on projects for, elderly Italians. Il Ponte della Luce program helps volunteers and clients alike gain a sense of belonging through reflections on times past.

Volunteer Opportunities 

The Italian-American Community Services Agency sponsors two holiday luncheons for clients, which are served by staff and volunteers. (Pranzo di Pasqua, and a combined Ringraziamento e Natale.) 

All ideas are welcome. . . Help sell raffle tickets - do outreach for the annual dinner or the annual golf tournament. 

To volunteer your time or services, please contact the center at 415.362-6423 or submit your contact information by completing our volunteer form.

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