Information & Referrals

ServicesICS provides community members with current information and contacts pertaining to varied programs that apply to Italian relocating to the United States. These resources might include information about schools, general regulations about health and vehicle insurance, the requirements for citizenship and the demographics of geographic areas. Seniors and adults with disabilities are equipped with updated data and access details about Homecare, Social Security Income, Medicare/Supplemental insurance, and MediCal as well as options for day centers, long term care facilities, legal assistance, and meals at home or at senior centers..

In San Francisco, Case Workers help to coordinate medical and home care, transportation to medical appointments, and completion of necessary paperwork, acting as advocates in the resolution of individual client concerns. In surrounding Bay Area Counties Case Workers collaborate with colleagues who provide service coordination, information and referrals.

ServicesAgency Case Workers are available to answer questions and provide referrals by telephone. If the caller would prefer face-to-face contact, an appointment may be scheduled or, if the senior in San Francisco is unable to come to the Agency, a Case Worker can go to the home for further care coordination services. Case Workers are available to travel to the home of San Francisco seniors for a confidential assessment of needs. Along with the senior, a care plan is created and the Case Worker can assist with appropriate referrals to other resources in the City. On behalf of seniors residing in surrounding Bay Area Counties, the Agency collaborates with colleagues in those counties to assist with appropriate referrals.

We realize that accessing the local service delivery system for seniors can be difficult and time consuming. Our Care Coordination Program can help you determine which programs and services are right for you. This is a program providing ongoing senior oversight and advocacy based service coordination. Our individualized care plans reflect and preserve the senior's value and lifestyle choices while maximizing opportunities for positive change and maintaining quality of life.

Educational Grant Program

The Agency promotes the Italian language and culture through grants that may be available to schools offering Italian language and culture programs.

Home Visits

Agency Staff will assess the home situation of San Francisco clients to determine specific needs and appropriate services. Case Workers make periodic home visits for those physically unable to reach the Agency. Clients in the sourrounding Bay Area counties are referred to appropriate agencies.

Social & Cultural Activities

We sponsor a variety of social and informational programs. If you would like more information or wish to contact Italian Community Services, please click here.