Annual Dinner

99th Anniversary Dinner To Honor
Charles A. Fracchia


Charles A Fracchia

Each year Italian Community Services celebrate the contributions of an Italian / Italian-American i the community and the good work of Italian Community Services.  On this 99th Anniversary of Italian Community Services, Charles Fracchia was chosen as honoree, particularly because he launched the San Francisco Historical Society.  Mr. Fracchia's huge endeavor in founding the S.F. Historical Society highlighted his perseverance, patience and precision, all traits that successful Italians are known for and qualities that helped many Italians enrich our country with the creativity of Italy.

This year's event, held at the Four Season's Hotel, was very festive as guests enjoyed each other's company, fine food and the celebration of the spirit of contributing, both on the part of Mr. Fracchia and Italian Community Services 99 years of service to the community.